Q: What areas do you cover?

A: Located in Dublin and Wicklow but covering all areas in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Q: How Much Room Do You Need To Assemble Furniture?

A: That depends on the size of the item being assembled. Small items such as bedside cabinets and small chests can usually be assembled in a fairly small area and usually you won’t need to clear any space for these items.

On the other hand large items like wardrobes generally need to be part assembled on their backs and lifted up to their normal position when nearing completion. In these circumstances you may need to consider clearing part of a room to make the necessary free space.

You will normally need a flat area such as the floor that is the size of the finished furniture laid on its back plus a working area of at least 600mm (else 2 ft). The area should be as close as possible to the final position of the finished item.

Q: Do You dispose of packaging?

A: Yes. Unlike many others we will take away any boxes etc and dispose of them at the local council recycle waste facility at no extra charge, leaving the work area as clean as we found it.

Q: How do I Pay?

A: When the work has been completed to your satisfaction you can pay by cash or cheque with a valid cheque guarantee card. We do not currently accept credit card payment.

Q: I’m At Work Most Days. Can You Assemble After Hours?

A: Yes we can! We specialise in working out of hours and weekends when most people prefer the work to be carried out so as to not interrupt their work commitments. We provide this flexible service at no extra charge and always endeavour to assemble your items at a time that is mutually convenient.